History of Philanthropy

Philanthropy is gotten from a term in Greek inferring “adoration for mankind“. This has a feeling of sustaining, mindful, upgrading and building up the quintessence of humankind. It influences the promoters at this very moment and activity their qualities in both volunteering and giving. Also, the recipients get influenced emphatically through pending increases made. “Private […]

Philanthropist Sam Solakyan

Global Holdings Inc. CEO and President Sam Solakyan, bears a strong passion for assisting and caring for all children of the nation, especially within greater Los Angeles area. As such he sits on Glendale Healthy Kid’s board of directors, which is among many roles he plays as a prominent philanthropist. This organization targets a community […]

History of the X-Ray

History of the X-Ray Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, a Wurzburg University Professor is credited with finding X-beams in Germany in 1895. Roentgen watched precious stones creating a fluorescent gleam on a table that was near to the cathode-beam tube, while working with it. This tube was concealed in a glass globule typified with positive and negative […]

Small Business Entrepreneur Coach “Sam Solakyan”

  Sam Solakyan is a man of awesome entrepreneurial abilities. He is President of Vital Imaging Partners Incorporated and has dynamic parts inside of thirty-three organizations alongside idle parts inside of seven different organizations. Key Imaging is enrolled in California and has been working for almost five years. The dynamic parts of Mr. Solakyan incorporate […]

Sam Solakyan Serving the Local Community

President and CEO Sam Solakyan of Global Holdings, Incorporated, is a prospering specialists, giver and extraordinarily gave family man. The association held covertly tunes in distinctive regions of business, running from incitement to therapeutic administrations. Solakyan started Modern Radiology, his own particular firm, in the wake of being enchanted by miracles of therapeutic development, close […]