Philanthropist Sam Solakyan

Sam Solakyan

Global Holdings Inc. CEO and President Sam Solakyan, bears a strong passion for assisting and caring for all children of the nation, especially within greater Los Angeles area. As such he sits on Glendale Healthy Kid’s board of directors, which is among many roles he plays as a prominent philanthropist. This organization targets a community where all kids enjoy optimal health.

As well, children are oftentimes vulnerable after getting exposed to exploitation and violence within their homes. These children require being placed within an environment which is safe for them to experience respect as deserves every innocent child. This may not happen at all times. California revised its legislation in 1986, allowing for some privatized involvement in the foster care system. However, its quality has gradually dropped since then, due to the indiscriminate nature of the adopting parents. Sam Solakyan has recently become involved in finding a potential solution to this problem through alternative supporting programs.

Sam Solakyan knows that parenting is a demanding responsibility, him being proud father of two. He appreciates the need to also cater for children without guardians and thus now sponsors a program for training and developing local officials in law enforcement. Its primary aim is enabling law enforcement officers in their response and recovery of missing children.

Through his company Vital Imaging Inc., Mr. Solakyan is keen to pursue exciting and innovative developments. This is happening in collaboration with University of California, San Diego and targets exploring the physical impact occasioned on soldiers carrying heavy military gear. The study employs Kinetic MRI technology, which affords researchers opportunity of monitoring spinal changes from multiple positions.

Thousands of children each night seek shelter within a cardboard box, lonely alley or even closed down warehouse for resting purposes. The homeless youth of Los Angeles have to deal with this harsh reality time and again. However, Sam Solakyan has joined a Sleep Out this year, organized by Covenant House in raising awareness of their state both nationwide and within Los Angeles.

Sam Solakyan is taking advantage of his position as a business icon to front for projects which gear towards promoting community welfare. He finds such life-changing initiatives quite fulfilling, as he endeavors to perform various acts of philanthropy to make his community a safer, healthier and better place overall.

Solakyan is enthused about motivating budding entrepreneurs to pursue their ambitions without relenting. He has found great satisfaction in helping others while doing what he loves and encourages others to do the same. Although challenges will certainly present along this pathway, remaining persistent and passionate of one’s goals should eventually bear good fruit.

Mr. Solakyan is equally passionate of his role as a father of two children and rides on this to pursue social justice for young ones within the community. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) in particular, works diligently towards ensuring that children are reared in an environment that is free and safe from violence, abuse and injury. Founded in 1984, this Center has so far succeeded in rescuing roughly 185,000 children from cruelty and abduction. Solakyan made a donation of $100,000 to NCMEC through his company, Global Holdings Inc in 2013.