Sam Solakyan, at age 14, began his way at this very moment, having trusted to his guardians of the yearning to claim a free business. Being an artist, his dad, an Armenian settler had just constrained learning of business and stayed resolved to help him still. As being what is indicated, they both procured a stall where both of them sold pagers at the nearby shopping center. This open door gave Sam his first experience of the American dream, which sort of industriousness is very much an uncommon component to discover in representatives today.

The shop however shut unexpectedly, which adequately smashed his business tries. His dad excessively fell sick and quit working. This implied that Solakyan would need to take two full-time employments at age 16 to bolster his gang. It implied he would be not able to go to class. In spite of the fact that a troublesome choice, Sam still held his instructive and entrepreneurial dreams. He achieved his secondary School confirmation by considering autonomously and had begun another business by age 18, filling shoot dousers. He would then offer his flame quencher business for a good looking money figure quite a long while later. Sam Solakyan would then find where his actual energy and quality lay, which was in developing organizations. Read More


Sam Solakyan is a man of awesome entrepreneurial abilities. He is President of Vital Imaging Partners Incorporated and has dynamic parts inside of thirty-three organizations alongside idle parts inside of seven different organizations.
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Philanthropy is gotten from a term in Greek inferring “adoration for mankind“. This has a feeling of sustaining, mindful, upgrading and building up the quintessence of humankind. It influences the promoters at this very moment and activity their qualities in both volunteering and giving.Read More

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CEO of Global Holdings, Sam Solakyan is a generous person who is committed to investing wholeheartedly in his community through charitable acts. He has donated extensively towards such causes and taken part in decent acts of individual generosity. Read More